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A true Renaissance man, Charles Smithdeal has many talents and multiple areas of expertise. He graduated from medical school as an M.D. at the age of 22. A few years later he specialized in microscopic surgery of the ear to relieve deafness in humans. While practicing in Atlanta GA, his love of real estate blossomed.

He once asked a real estate agent’s opinion of a particular parcel of raw land as a possible investment. The agent replied, “Dr Charlie, this acreage is worth the small price they’re asking just for holding the earth together.”

Dr Smithdeal bought his first piece of Real Estate that day. Two years later he sold that same 200-acre parcel to a well-known professional golfer for a golf-course development near Atlanta. Over time, he bought and sold hundreds of acres of land surrounding Atlanta. He often spent his non-working hours walking, listening, observing, and appreciating the wonders of nature and this amazing God-given substance that holds the earth together. His love for land and property, and for the blessed rights of property ownership in these great United States, has never faltered.

Years later, Dr Charlie re-trained in Plastic Surgery and moved his practice to Beverly Hills, CA. In his personal surgical suite at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, he performed surgery for numerous well-known Hollywood actors, actresses and other celebrities, as well as for non-celebrity patients who wished to improve their appearance. He also became a licensed California Real Estate Sales Associate in order to obtain the specialized knowledge he craved to assist with his personal property investments.

While he continued to practice medicine and surgery for many years, Dr Charlie’s love and appreciation for property and the Real Estate profession never waned. He personally bought and sold properties around the United States with values of several millions of dollars. (He says he has enjoyed every transaction, though he wishes now he had held onto a few more of those prime properties.)

Dr Smithdeal and his wife - Deb - retired fairly early in life. To satisfy a lifetime dream, they moved to Florida in 2005. Over the next few years, they invested the bulk of their retirement funds into local real estate. Following the 2008 mortgage-loan debacle and subsequent nationwide collapse of the real estate market, Dr Charlie and Deb lost the bulk of their retirement savings.  Since Florida does not reciprocate with any other state for a license to practice medicine, he elected not to resume practice. And the Smithdeals did not want to move away. They had found their dream location forever in Florida.

Instead, determined to recover financially, Dr Smithdeal searched out a company that was a pioneer of marketing on “... this new thing called the Internet.” Both he and his wife were intrigued by the new concept. As a marketing professional herself, Deb quickly recognized the unique opportunity presented by the Internet, and was 100% supportive of the decision.

Within two years, Dr Charlie ranked among the top 5 earners in this Marketing company, and was considered by many to be one of the top Internet marketers in the world. The parent company went out of business two years later when the founding partners sold off company assets and parted ways. But Dr Charlie had already received the most important benefit from these pioneering experts that he could have wished for – the knowledge of exactly how the Internet brings people together from all over the world to a single marketplace.

Meanwhile, Dr Charlie and Deb became close friends with Glenn and Peggy Musto – successful real estate professionals and home marketers in the St Petersburg and Tampa Bay area. The four of them shared numerous interests, values, and goals. Especially when it came to Real Estate and helping people who find themselves in almost impossible home-ownership situations.

Dr Charlie and Deb could certainly empathize with these desperate folks. Glenn successfully sold the Smithdeals’ waterfront home within a few weeks of listing it, after three big-name Real Estate agencies had failed miserably over a period of three years.

Assisting such homeowners became Glenn’s specialty at a time when millions of families found themselves with homes worth less than what was owed on them. Such homes were nearly impossible to sell. But by creating a unique formula to market those homes, Glenn saved many distressed homeowners and their families from bankruptcy or total financial ruin, including Dr Charlie and Deb.

“Deb and I have always loved working with intelligent people who think outside the box. And we immediately recognized that Glenn is a marketing genius, especially when it involves unique ways to present homes to prospective buyers.”

Dr Smithdeal recognized that an otherwise terrible situation had led him to discover a way to combine two professions dear to his heart. As he had helped thousands of patients by applying his highly specialized knowledge of modern surgical methods, he could use his specialized knowledge of Marketing on the Internet to help fellow homeowners when the time comes to sell their homes.

Fast forward to the present time. When Glenn Musto invited Dr Charlie and Deb to join him in his unique Professional Home Marketing program, can you guess what was their response?



It has been a perfect fit for all concerned.

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