About Glenn Musto

As a software designer, business man and entrepreneur Glenn has enjoyed much personal and professional success. His journey as an entrepreneur began at an early age growing up in the 1960's amidst potato farms in the middle of Long Island, New York. Glenn earned an allowance performing the usual "chores" that a young boy would be given in those days such as mowing lawns and raking leaves but at only $1 per week, it just wasn't enough to support his hobbies. To remedy this problem, he employed his natural abilities in electronics and problem solving and subsidized his income by repairing radios and TV's for neighbors and relatives. Glenn was, most likely, the only 12 year old in the state of New York who owned his own drugstore vacuum tube tester.

After moving with his family to Hollywood California in the late 60's, he was faced with a new set of challenges for earning income to fund his hobbies. Learning from his dad who had turned a coin collecting hobby into a small business by buying and selling rare coins through mail order, Glenn decided to follow that business model and turned his love and interest of model trains into a small business. Glenn would drive with his dad to flea markets or "Swap Meets" in the Los Angeles area to buy up as many of the Lionel model trains as he could find. Upon returning home, Glenn would clean and repair his bounty and run mail order ads for these collector's items in model railroad magazines. The profit margin was enormous and by the age of 16 he had saved enough to buy his first car not to mention having spent thousands on his other hobbies of electronics, music and magic. In addition to building 100's of electronic projects and learning to play the Saxophone, Glenn paid his own way through the Chavez School of Magic in Hollywood and became a master of Slight of Hand.

Years later, as a computer engineering student, Glenn worked part time in the university's computer lab at 2$ per hour to help pay for tuition and in his junior year co-founded a company that developed computer software to automate independent insurance agencies.  Hundreds of copies of the $5,000 software package were sold to agencies all over the country providing Glenn with a residual income for years allowing him to self fund his next business venture.

"That was my first taste of continuing to receive income long after the work that created it had been completed" 

In 1981 Glenn developed his software package for automating doctor's offices called "Med Master" in the small Tampa condo he and wife Peggy lived in the first year of their marriage. Peggy was Med Master's first employee and was instrumental in helping Glenn support, test, market and sell Med Master to physicians across the country.  Despite a few initial lean years due to the terrible Carter economy of the late 70's & early 80's, the company experienced tremendous growth over the next 20 years. Glenn and the software he wrote were embraced by IBM's Small Systems Division and IBM's Personal Computer Division and they flew Glenn around the country to put on his sales seminars for physicians. It was during this time that Glenn learned how to sell from the big boys and how to speak in public - what he likes to call the "immersion method". As a result of this relationship, physicians purchased thousands of IBM computer systems to run the Med Master software. For 20 years Glenn steered the company to great success and in 2001 with millions of dollars in sales, 1000's of physician customers and dozens of employees, Glenn sold Med Master to WebMD and retired (or so he thought.). Glenn and Peggy were most proud of the fact that the software was responsible for improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients through Med Master's patient-centered features such as the patient web portal, robust medical record keeping, prescription interaction warning system and many other industry firsts such as being the first software to electronically transmit claims to Florida Medicare. 

Since selling his software company, Glenn has turned his attention to Real Estate Sales and Investing.

"Having lived in so many areas of Tampa Bay including Carrollwood, Tampa Palms, Indian Shores, Treasure Island, Seminole, Old Northeast and Placido Bayou, I can help people new to the area find just the right neighborhood and this also gives me a big advantage in marketing a sellers home locally"

Glenn is now devoting his full time to the Real Estate business (TeamMusto) that he and Peggy created.

"Tampa Bay is a great area of the country to live and work in and we love matching the buyers in our data base to our listings."

Glenn Musto